【2020A/W新作★送料無料】 (ARF) 1430mm Airplane Aerobatic 3D Plywood EPP/Light 55 Slick-飛行機

The HobbyKing Slick 55 EPP/Light Plywood 3D Aerobatic Airplane 1430mm (ARF)

The Slick is outfitted with high quality hardware including carbon fiber landing gear and plastic wheels with foam tires. No need to upgrade the hardware on this model, quality is already included.

The HobbyKingR Slick 55 couldn't be easier to build with its bolt-on wings, pre-installed servo mount plates and magnetic canopy. Even the cowl clips on and off without the need for glue/screws. Assembly is simple, all you will need to do is hinge the control surfaces, glue in your horizontal/vertical stabilizers, attach the tail wheel mount and install your electronics.

This is one unique and beautiful model with flight characteristics to match. From sport flying to extreme 3D, the Slick 55 can handle it all.

Fully built-up EPP/light plywood constructed fuselage
Carbon fiber landing gear
Rounded cowl and canopy
Air-foiled stabilizers
Optional side-force generators included
Bolt-on wings

翼幅: 1430mm
全長: 1400mm
重さ(w/out electronics): 1225g

Slick 55 EPP/light plywood ARF airplane
All necessary hardware

4~6CH プロポ
4 x Park サーボ(metal geared recommended)
42mm ブラシレスモーター (4250 510KV recommended)
50~80A アンプ
13x6.5 ~ 14x6.5 プロペラ
4-5s 14.8v 2200-2600mAh リポ

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【2020A/W新作★送料無料】 (ARF) 1430mm Airplane Aerobatic 3D Plywood EPP/Light 55 Slick-飛行機

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